The Subway EPs: Vols. 1 and 2 Available Tomorrow (3/29)!!

In case you were waiting with bated breath to hear about the end of the tour, I apologize. Austin got pretty hectic and then we drove basically 30 hours in 3 days with a 6 hour stop in New Orleans to get drunk for Terry’s birthday, so the time/internet connectability/desire to blog was pretty minimal. But everything went very well and we were really happy with how the tour turned out. Thanks to everyone that come out the shows!

We’ve got a few big things lined up in the very near future that I want to talk about now. Tomorrow we will release the much anticipated Subway EPs. Volumes 1 & 2. Volume 1 is the more acoustic/mellow volume and includes a duet with Jaymay, who you may have seen perform with MCTE at Joe’s Pub in 2009. You should check her stuff out, too, she’s amazing. Volume 2 is the heavier volume and includes the more rocking songs from the project. Volume 3 is will be available in the coming months.

They’ll be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Spotify (for all you non-american folks). If I could make a sort of self-serving suggestion, though, I’d say buy it from Bandcamp. All you need is a Paypal account. The difference between Bandcamp and iTunes (and most stores) is Bandcamp gives us 15% more money. So if you buy both EPs and would rather have $1.50 more go to us as opposed to Steve Jobs, than Bandcamp is the way to go. We want to put out as much music as possible (Jason writes a shitload of music), but even low-budget recording can get expensive so every dollar counts.

The record release show is on April 9th at Southpaw in Brooklyn. The bill is really fucking awesome, too.  The Loom and Yellowbirds are also playing. Well worth the $10 for three awesome shows. Doors open at 8.

Last, we are in the running for Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month. We’re in the lead now, but more votes is always good. If we win we get some free studio time, so more music for y’all! You can vote here:



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