Day 10 – Denton, TX

Sitting at the Red Star Bar in Houston right now. Not a normal music venue but a nice bar regardless. They have a pool table which automatically adds 20 points to any bar. I’ve been playing the best pool of my life but can’t beat Terry here. This table is cursed. I’m still up by one game, though, 6-5.

The Denton gig was another great room and another good crowd. I know that’s getting way too repetitive but we have been pretty pleased with the tour so far. Not too much to complain about gig wise. On the way to Denton we took a detour to Dallas to check out Dealey Plaza. We checked out the Sixth-Floor Museum and the Grassy Knoll which were kinda creepy and kinda cool at the same time. Without getting too much into it, being there and seeing the location in person basically changed my mind from being a single-shooter guy to a second-shooter guy. So I guess I’m now a conspiracy theorist.

After the gig tonight we’re heading to Austin for our 3 day SXSW adventure. We’re not actually playing SXSW (but shh).  We’ve got an unofficial showcase at Tijuana Gift Shop’s party at Red Eye Fly at 1:30pm on Friday and a RedGuerilla showcase at Thirsty Nickel on Thursday at the same time. So we’ve got two gigs in Austin during SXSW at the exact same venues there are SXSW shows. Still works for us.

Tomorrow at 3:30pm EST the guys are giving a web interview. They’ll be on video but you just have to type shit in, so don’t worry. The webcast can be found here:

ALSO, our two EPs, The Subway EPs Volumes 1 and 2 will be available on iTunes, eMusic, bandcamp etc two weeks from today on March 29th!!

My battery is running out, Jason is sleeping and the other three are outside so no band comments at the moment. I’ll update the post in a bit, so check back in.

Dan’s Silver Leaf – 3.14.11

A Long Way From Home/Wasted Time/Burly, Old Couch/There’s Only You/Montevideo/Folsom Prison Blues/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/Annie (The Levee Song)/He’s Gone/Insomnia Song/The Terrible Truth/Encore The Sunday Blues


Denton, TX

Denton, TX


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