Day 8 – Knoxville, TN and Day 9 – Little Rock, AR

Waking up somewhere outside New Boston, TX after two more great shows. Knoxville is a great town on the weekends and we are all looking forward to going back. Got a nice write-up in their local paper so a good crowd came out for the gig. We drove to Nashville that night to crash for free one last time and cut the drive to Little Rock in half. Didn’t see much there but we did stop in Memphis the next day for some kick ass BBQ and to see Sun Studios. Helpful tip for bands: Touring bands can take the tour for free and even cut in the middle like we did if you are in a rush. All it costs is a CD. The room itself was pretty unimpressive but it was amazing to be in a place with so much history.

Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock added to the list of rooms that sound better than half the places we play in NYC. The Small Ponds’ label is based out of Little Rock so we had a good built-in crowd there, as well. Been a great tour so far and really looking forward to 5 nights in Texas.

Reminder: On Wednesday at 3:30pm EST go here: The guys will be giving a live interview and we need you to ask questions!

Jason:   I love Little Rock.  I’ve been here about half a dozen times.  First time I’ve played White Water Tavern though, I usually play at Juanita’s.  It was to nice to have a few beers with my cousin Correne (who recently moved from NYC to Little Rock).  Knoxville was a blast.  The band Silver Jubilee were very good to us, and I’m looking forward to hooking up with them next time we’re in Knoxville.  Heading to Dallas today.

Terry: This was my first time in Tennessee and Arkansas and I’m loving the south! I’ve had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten down here, and there’s more to come. The band is sounding better each night. Off to Texas now, another first for me!

Mike: Knoxville was a blast! Greg and I stumbled into a fashion show and wound up hanging with a bunch of models – very fun. Patrick Sullivan’s was a very cool saloon that has been around since 1888 and housed many notorious criminals including Kid Curry – famous gunman from Butch Cassidy’s crew. After a brief stay at good friend Johnny Shortridge’s house in Nashville we got to enjoy one of my favorite meals in Memphis – ribs. On the road to Little Rock, I got to finally see the Mississippi river which was really cool. Looking forward to being back in my birth state Texas for a few days!!!

Danny:  So we’ve had a great time so far even though I’ve been perpetually sick. Its been one thing after another including an ear infection where my right ear was hearing a different pitch. Anyway, in Nashville we got to stay at my good friend Johnny’s place and we played some great music and ate some awesome food in Little Rock and Knoxville and ate some food as well.

Patrick Sullivan’s – 3.12.11

Vanity on Decline/Squeezebox/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/Goodbye/Annie (The Levee Song)/Down N Out/Folsom Prison Blues/Jason Broke a String Improv/A Long Way From Home/There’s Only You/Regalo La Flor/Broken Bottle Blues No.2

Whitewater Tavern – 3.13.11

Lived to Love Again/The Sunday Blues/Burly, Old Couch/The Terrible Truth/Family Tradition/Annie (The Levee Song)/A Long Way From Home/He’s Gone/Regalo La Flor/There’s Only You/Folsom Prison Blues



Sun Studios

Little Rock


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