Day 6 – Charlotte, NC and Day 7 – Asheville, NC

Sorry about the lack of updates the last couple days. The one negative about being in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina is that it makes the internet go a bit slow. I’ll be adding some videos when they can upload faster, so for now here are some pics. The last two shows were fantastic, though. Evening Muse in Charlotte is a really nice room on a cool drag. Good food and good bars.

Emerald Lounge in Asheville is one of the nicest sounding rooms we’ve ever played. Props to the sound guy, Andrew. Even got a free soundboard recording that will be available to download online sometime next month. The best part of this tour is the southern hospitality and food. I’ll probably gain 20 pounds in the next week. At the moment, our third host is making us hash browns, bacon and eggs and it smells ridiculously good. So yea, I gotta go eat…

IMPORTANT: Just another reminder/update. On Wednesday, March 16 at 3:30pm EST, we’ll be doing a live chat/interview during SXSW. We would love for y’all to log in and ask some questions, maybe make a song request, etc. The link you’ll have to follow is here:

Jason: Big Ed’s in Raleigh, some fish taco place in NoDa (Charlotte), and Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville.  I love southern food.  I feel like the only conversations we are having are about restaurants.  Great show last night, best of the tour (in my opinion).  Looking forward to Tennessee and driving through the mountains.  I feel very nostalgic here.  Hung out with some old friends, and had a great time.  I definitely have to come back soon.  It was great to see my mother dancing in the front of the stage.  If you read this, I love you mom.

Terry: Beautiful city, wonderful people, great music. So far we’ve been treated like kings in North Carolina. I can’t wait to see the rest of the country. The set last night was a blast.

Michael: Asheville is an amazing city, we had great food, partied too hard and were shown some beautiful southern hospitality. Big props to Tupelo Honey Cafe on College street in downtown Asheville, a must for anyone passing through. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Shortridge tonight in Nashville after our set in Knoxville!

Danny: Great gig in Asheville last night! We had a crazy time seeing the sights such as Thomas Wolfe’s house and Tupelo Honey Cafe. Mike had a little too much to drink last night and we have the video to prove it.

Evening Muse – 3.10.11

Down N Out/A Long Way From Home/Montevideo/Family Tradition [Hank Williams, Jr.]/There’s Only You/The Terrible Truth/Southern Nights/Folsom Prison Blues/Wasted Time/The Sunday Blues

Emerald Lounge – 3.11.11

The Sunday Blues/Nothing Left For Us To Find/Down N Out/Family Tradition/Montevideo/It’s All Over Now [Bobby Womack]/A Long Way From Home/He’s Gone/Southern Nights/Folsom Prison Blues/There’s Only You/Broken Bottle Blues. No.2

Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC


Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC


Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC

Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC


Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC

Before our Charlotte gig we checked out Jason’s alma mater, NC State for an impromptu photo shoot. This is what happened:


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