Day 5 – Raleigh, NC

Waking up at yet another awesome friend’s place, this time in Raleigh. Was an eventful night in North Carolina; eating ridiculously good food at the Raleigh Times restaurant, playing a great gig in a nice room, Danny rocking through the show despite being sick, Terry sleeping the car because he’s allergic to dogs, etc. Also, in the ongoing tour pool tournament between me and Terry, I am now up 3-0. Booyah.

IMPORTANT: On Wednesday, March 16 @ 2:30 MCTE will be giving a LIVE video chat for fans through YOWIE. So please, think of some questions you’ve always wanted to know and log in to ask. We’ll give you more details closer to the date.

Terry: Looking forward to another gig tonight with the Small Ponds. The Raleigh gig went great. The Raleigh Pour House is a killer venue and I’d love to get back to play here again. I almost died of an asthma attack, but aside from that, everything is going splendidly.

Mike: It feels great being back in the south. There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with some Waffle House food and house jams – I recommend “There’s Raisins in my Toast.” We had a great turnout in Raleigh and really fed off the vibe. Another great thing in the south, drinking is CHEAP! $3 beers on tap, what’s better than that?!?! Off to do some sightseeing, more eating, and then playing tonight in Charlotte.

Danny: So it was an interesting day yesterday. I was questioning if I was going to survive to the end of the tour. It was only the second day and I thought a flu was going to ruin my week. Thankfully we had a great gig despite my illness and I got a good night sleep and am feeling much better today. Thanks to Jason’s “goodies” which was a white powder that he claims was headache medicine saved my day. I’m looking forward to a great gig in Charlotte tonight.

The Pour House – 3.9.11

Nothing Left For Us To Find/Down N Out/He’s Gone/A Long Way From Home/Insomnia Song/Regalo La Flor/Squeezebox/There’s Only You/The Sunday Blues/Folsom Prison Blues/Annie (The Levee Song)/Girl Don’t Tell Me/Broken Bottle Blues No.2

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