Day 4 – Philadelphia, PA

Just got to Raleigh, NC after staying over night in Wilmington, DE where some awesome friends let us crash. If you’re in the area, check us and The Small Ponds out at The Pour House at 9pm!

Now back to the Philly show. Another awesome show and I don’t know what Terry was on but he absolutely destroyed every solo. Setlist, photos and video links after the blurbs. (Hopefully more videos soon; they take forever to upload.)

Jason:  We debuted a new cover song tonight, “He’s Gone” by The Grateful Dead.  We spent the last minutes in the green room perfecting our harmonies.  I felt that the energy tonight was pumping!  Terry went into orbit, and the only thing Mike and I could do was try to grab his shoestrings to bring him back to earth.  Danny, of course, was flawless.  Looking forward to Raleighwood tomorrow night.

Terry: Wow! This is a big computer! I’m just happy to be typing on such a well-crafted, state of the art computer. Greg is really the driving logistical force behind this mission. I broke a crazy sweat on stage today. We played only the good songs.

Michael: After 3 shows on the tour I feel that we have already broken stride. The music last night at the Fire was by far some of the best we’ve played. A true testament to good things to come. As corny as this sounds, I have truly been inspired by the kindness of strangers. It is amazing how people have opened up their homes to us and the generosity they’ve shown. This has put us all in good spirits and I think our show tonight in Raleigh will be a great reflection of that. Screw Flanders.

The Fire – 3.8.11

Nothing Left For Us To Find/Regalo La Flor/Down N Out/Insomnia Song/Folsom Prison Blues/Montevideo/The Terrible Truth/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/There’s Only You/He’s Gone [Grateful Dead]/Sunday Blues

Pre-Show Warmup

On Stage

Pre-Show Warmup Video:


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