Day 1 – Allentown, PA

To kick off the tour, Tuesday we headed out to Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA.  The town I (Greg) grew up in is right outside Allentown and Terry grew up 40 minutes away in Reading so it was a good opportunity to play for a hometown/family crowd before we head down south.

To start things off, I had rented a minivan 4 weeks ago for the trip, but when I got to the garage they had given me an Escalade instead. Now, it’s hard to complain when driving a $65,000 car that gets you a lot of attention, but squeezing in 5 guys and a band’s worth a gear was kind of a pain in the ass. For a big ass SUV there’s a lot less space instead than in a minivan. But we looked cool, so whatever. Hopefully we’ll look just as cool in the Kia Sedona we’ll be touring in.

Between soundcheck and the show we had a bit of downtime which we spent playing ping-pong. The owner of the club was apparently the ping-pong state champion at some point but Danny is really fucking awesome, too. Promised him a free pizza if he beat him. Danny wins the first game. No free pizza. Owner calls best out of three and goes on to beat Danny twice. No free pizza.

The show was a good one. Busted out some new tunes, some not-so-new tunes, couple new covers and some classics. Room sounded surprisingly good considering the low ceiling. It’s nice when you have a sound guy who cares. Setlist is below. Also, we’ve got a pic of our limited edition tour poster that is available at all shows while supplies last.

VIP Elite Lounge @ Crocodile Rock – 3.1.11

A Long Way From Home/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/The Terrible Truth/Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash]/Montevideo/Broken Bottle Blues No.2/Insomnia Song/Squeezebox [The Who]/The Meaning Of Life/Girl Don’t Tell Me [Beach Boys]/Annie (The Levee Song)/Burly, Old Couch/Sunday Blues/Down N Out/Wasted Time/Encore Nothing Left For Us to Find


2011 Spring Tour Poster (Design by Pete Scalzitti)


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