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The Subway EPs: Vols. 1 and 2 Available Tomorrow (3/29)!!

In case you were waiting with bated breath to hear about the end of the tour, I apologize. Austin got pretty hectic and then we drove basically 30 hours in 3 days with a 6 hour stop in New Orleans to get drunk for Terry’s birthday, so the time/internet connectability/desire to blog was pretty minimal. But everything went very well and we were really happy with how the tour turned out. Thanks to everyone that come out the shows!

We’ve got a few big things lined up in the very near future that I want to talk about now. Tomorrow we will release the much anticipated Subway EPs. Volumes 1 & 2. Volume 1 is the more acoustic/mellow volume and includes a duet with Jaymay, who you may have seen perform with MCTE at Joe’s Pub in 2009. You should check her stuff out, too, she’s amazing. Volume 2 is the heavier volume and includes the more rocking songs from the project. Volume 3 is will be available in the coming months.

They’ll be available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Spotify (for all you non-american folks). If I could make a sort of self-serving suggestion, though, I’d say buy it from Bandcamp. All you need is a Paypal account. The difference between Bandcamp and iTunes (and most stores) is Bandcamp gives us 15% more money. So if you buy both EPs and would rather have $1.50 more go to us as opposed to Steve Jobs, than Bandcamp is the way to go. We want to put out as much music as possible (Jason writes a shitload of music), but even low-budget recording can get expensive so every dollar counts.

The record release show is on April 9th at Southpaw in Brooklyn. The bill is really fucking awesome, too.  The Loom and Yellowbirds are also playing. Well worth the $10 for three awesome shows. Doors open at 8.

Last, we are in the running for Deli Magazine’s Artist of the Month. We’re in the lead now, but more votes is always good. If we win we get some free studio time, so more music for y’all! You can vote here:



Day 10 – Denton, TX

Sitting at the Red Star Bar in Houston right now. Not a normal music venue but a nice bar regardless. They have a pool table which automatically adds 20 points to any bar. I’ve been playing the best pool of my life but can’t beat Terry here. This table is cursed. I’m still up by one game, though, 6-5.

The Denton gig was another great room and another good crowd. I know that’s getting way too repetitive but we have been pretty pleased with the tour so far. Not too much to complain about gig wise. On the way to Denton we took a detour to Dallas to check out Dealey Plaza. We checked out the Sixth-Floor Museum and the Grassy Knoll which were kinda creepy and kinda cool at the same time. Without getting too much into it, being there and seeing the location in person basically changed my mind from being a single-shooter guy to a second-shooter guy. So I guess I’m now a conspiracy theorist.

After the gig tonight we’re heading to Austin for our 3 day SXSW adventure. We’re not actually playing SXSW (but shh).  We’ve got an unofficial showcase at Tijuana Gift Shop’s party at Red Eye Fly at 1:30pm on Friday and a RedGuerilla showcase at Thirsty Nickel on Thursday at the same time. So we’ve got two gigs in Austin during SXSW at the exact same venues there are SXSW shows. Still works for us.

Tomorrow at 3:30pm EST the guys are giving a web interview. They’ll be on video but you just have to type shit in, so don’t worry. The webcast can be found here:

ALSO, our two EPs, The Subway EPs Volumes 1 and 2 will be available on iTunes, eMusic, bandcamp etc two weeks from today on March 29th!!

My battery is running out, Jason is sleeping and the other three are outside so no band comments at the moment. I’ll update the post in a bit, so check back in.

Dan’s Silver Leaf – 3.14.11

A Long Way From Home/Wasted Time/Burly, Old Couch/There’s Only You/Montevideo/Folsom Prison Blues/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/Annie (The Levee Song)/He’s Gone/Insomnia Song/The Terrible Truth/Encore The Sunday Blues


Denton, TX

Denton, TX

Day 8 – Knoxville, TN and Day 9 – Little Rock, AR

Waking up somewhere outside New Boston, TX after two more great shows. Knoxville is a great town on the weekends and we are all looking forward to going back. Got a nice write-up in their local paper so a good crowd came out for the gig. We drove to Nashville that night to crash for free one last time and cut the drive to Little Rock in half. Didn’t see much there but we did stop in Memphis the next day for some kick ass BBQ and to see Sun Studios. Helpful tip for bands: Touring bands can take the tour for free and even cut in the middle like we did if you are in a rush. All it costs is a CD. The room itself was pretty unimpressive but it was amazing to be in a place with so much history.

Whitewater Tavern in Little Rock added to the list of rooms that sound better than half the places we play in NYC. The Small Ponds’ label is based out of Little Rock so we had a good built-in crowd there, as well. Been a great tour so far and really looking forward to 5 nights in Texas.

Reminder: On Wednesday at 3:30pm EST go here: The guys will be giving a live interview and we need you to ask questions!

Jason:   I love Little Rock.  I’ve been here about half a dozen times.  First time I’ve played White Water Tavern though, I usually play at Juanita’s.  It was to nice to have a few beers with my cousin Correne (who recently moved from NYC to Little Rock).  Knoxville was a blast.  The band Silver Jubilee were very good to us, and I’m looking forward to hooking up with them next time we’re in Knoxville.  Heading to Dallas today.

Terry: This was my first time in Tennessee and Arkansas and I’m loving the south! I’ve had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten down here, and there’s more to come. The band is sounding better each night. Off to Texas now, another first for me!

Mike: Knoxville was a blast! Greg and I stumbled into a fashion show and wound up hanging with a bunch of models – very fun. Patrick Sullivan’s was a very cool saloon that has been around since 1888 and housed many notorious criminals including Kid Curry – famous gunman from Butch Cassidy’s crew. After a brief stay at good friend Johnny Shortridge’s house in Nashville we got to enjoy one of my favorite meals in Memphis – ribs. On the road to Little Rock, I got to finally see the Mississippi river which was really cool. Looking forward to being back in my birth state Texas for a few days!!!

Danny:  So we’ve had a great time so far even though I’ve been perpetually sick. Its been one thing after another including an ear infection where my right ear was hearing a different pitch. Anyway, in Nashville we got to stay at my good friend Johnny’s place and we played some great music and ate some awesome food in Little Rock and Knoxville and ate some food as well.

Patrick Sullivan’s – 3.12.11

Vanity on Decline/Squeezebox/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/Goodbye/Annie (The Levee Song)/Down N Out/Folsom Prison Blues/Jason Broke a String Improv/A Long Way From Home/There’s Only You/Regalo La Flor/Broken Bottle Blues No.2

Whitewater Tavern – 3.13.11

Lived to Love Again/The Sunday Blues/Burly, Old Couch/The Terrible Truth/Family Tradition/Annie (The Levee Song)/A Long Way From Home/He’s Gone/Regalo La Flor/There’s Only You/Folsom Prison Blues



Sun Studios

Little Rock

Day 6 – Charlotte, NC and Day 7 – Asheville, NC

Sorry about the lack of updates the last couple days. The one negative about being in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina is that it makes the internet go a bit slow. I’ll be adding some videos when they can upload faster, so for now here are some pics. The last two shows were fantastic, though. Evening Muse in Charlotte is a really nice room on a cool drag. Good food and good bars.

Emerald Lounge in Asheville is one of the nicest sounding rooms we’ve ever played. Props to the sound guy, Andrew. Even got a free soundboard recording that will be available to download online sometime next month. The best part of this tour is the southern hospitality and food. I’ll probably gain 20 pounds in the next week. At the moment, our third host is making us hash browns, bacon and eggs and it smells ridiculously good. So yea, I gotta go eat…

IMPORTANT: Just another reminder/update. On Wednesday, March 16 at 3:30pm EST, we’ll be doing a live chat/interview during SXSW. We would love for y’all to log in and ask some questions, maybe make a song request, etc. The link you’ll have to follow is here:

Jason: Big Ed’s in Raleigh, some fish taco place in NoDa (Charlotte), and Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville.  I love southern food.  I feel like the only conversations we are having are about restaurants.  Great show last night, best of the tour (in my opinion).  Looking forward to Tennessee and driving through the mountains.  I feel very nostalgic here.  Hung out with some old friends, and had a great time.  I definitely have to come back soon.  It was great to see my mother dancing in the front of the stage.  If you read this, I love you mom.

Terry: Beautiful city, wonderful people, great music. So far we’ve been treated like kings in North Carolina. I can’t wait to see the rest of the country. The set last night was a blast.

Michael: Asheville is an amazing city, we had great food, partied too hard and were shown some beautiful southern hospitality. Big props to Tupelo Honey Cafe on College street in downtown Asheville, a must for anyone passing through. Looking forward to seeing Johnny Shortridge tonight in Nashville after our set in Knoxville!

Danny: Great gig in Asheville last night! We had a crazy time seeing the sights such as Thomas Wolfe’s house and Tupelo Honey Cafe. Mike had a little too much to drink last night and we have the video to prove it.

Evening Muse – 3.10.11

Down N Out/A Long Way From Home/Montevideo/Family Tradition [Hank Williams, Jr.]/There’s Only You/The Terrible Truth/Southern Nights/Folsom Prison Blues/Wasted Time/The Sunday Blues

Emerald Lounge – 3.11.11

The Sunday Blues/Nothing Left For Us To Find/Down N Out/Family Tradition/Montevideo/It’s All Over Now [Bobby Womack]/A Long Way From Home/He’s Gone/Southern Nights/Folsom Prison Blues/There’s Only You/Broken Bottle Blues. No.2

Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC


Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC


Evening Muse - Charlotte, NC

Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC


Emerald Lounge - Asheville, NC

Before our Charlotte gig we checked out Jason’s alma mater, NC State for an impromptu photo shoot. This is what happened:

Day 5 – Raleigh, NC

Waking up at yet another awesome friend’s place, this time in Raleigh. Was an eventful night in North Carolina; eating ridiculously good food at the Raleigh Times restaurant, playing a great gig in a nice room, Danny rocking through the show despite being sick, Terry sleeping the car because he’s allergic to dogs, etc. Also, in the ongoing tour pool tournament between me and Terry, I am now up 3-0. Booyah.

IMPORTANT: On Wednesday, March 16 @ 2:30 MCTE will be giving a LIVE video chat for fans through YOWIE. So please, think of some questions you’ve always wanted to know and log in to ask. We’ll give you more details closer to the date.

Terry: Looking forward to another gig tonight with the Small Ponds. The Raleigh gig went great. The Raleigh Pour House is a killer venue and I’d love to get back to play here again. I almost died of an asthma attack, but aside from that, everything is going splendidly.

Mike: It feels great being back in the south. There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with some Waffle House food and house jams – I recommend “There’s Raisins in my Toast.” We had a great turnout in Raleigh and really fed off the vibe. Another great thing in the south, drinking is CHEAP! $3 beers on tap, what’s better than that?!?! Off to do some sightseeing, more eating, and then playing tonight in Charlotte.

Danny: So it was an interesting day yesterday. I was questioning if I was going to survive to the end of the tour. It was only the second day and I thought a flu was going to ruin my week. Thankfully we had a great gig despite my illness and I got a good night sleep and am feeling much better today. Thanks to Jason’s “goodies” which was a white powder that he claims was headache medicine saved my day. I’m looking forward to a great gig in Charlotte tonight.

The Pour House – 3.9.11

Nothing Left For Us To Find/Down N Out/He’s Gone/A Long Way From Home/Insomnia Song/Regalo La Flor/Squeezebox/There’s Only You/The Sunday Blues/Folsom Prison Blues/Annie (The Levee Song)/Girl Don’t Tell Me/Broken Bottle Blues No.2

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On Stage


On Stage 2

Day 4 – Philadelphia, PA

Just got to Raleigh, NC after staying over night in Wilmington, DE where some awesome friends let us crash. If you’re in the area, check us and The Small Ponds out at The Pour House at 9pm!

Now back to the Philly show. Another awesome show and I don’t know what Terry was on but he absolutely destroyed every solo. Setlist, photos and video links after the blurbs. (Hopefully more videos soon; they take forever to upload.)

Jason:  We debuted a new cover song tonight, “He’s Gone” by The Grateful Dead.  We spent the last minutes in the green room perfecting our harmonies.  I felt that the energy tonight was pumping!  Terry went into orbit, and the only thing Mike and I could do was try to grab his shoestrings to bring him back to earth.  Danny, of course, was flawless.  Looking forward to Raleighwood tomorrow night.

Terry: Wow! This is a big computer! I’m just happy to be typing on such a well-crafted, state of the art computer. Greg is really the driving logistical force behind this mission. I broke a crazy sweat on stage today. We played only the good songs.

Michael: After 3 shows on the tour I feel that we have already broken stride. The music last night at the Fire was by far some of the best we’ve played. A true testament to good things to come. As corny as this sounds, I have truly been inspired by the kindness of strangers. It is amazing how people have opened up their homes to us and the generosity they’ve shown. This has put us all in good spirits and I think our show tonight in Raleigh will be a great reflection of that. Screw Flanders.

The Fire – 3.8.11

Nothing Left For Us To Find/Regalo La Flor/Down N Out/Insomnia Song/Folsom Prison Blues/Montevideo/The Terrible Truth/Don’t Wanna Be Her Man/There’s Only You/He’s Gone [Grateful Dead]/Sunday Blues

Pre-Show Warmup

On Stage

Pre-Show Warmup Video:

Day 2 – New York, NY

We always love playing the Living Room. It’s easily one of the best venues in NYC thanks to both the vibe and the quality of music they book. Free shows and only a 1-drink minimum make it a good place for people to swing by and check out some good tunes, too. Thursday’s show was killer. Band was firing on all cylinders. We have off until March 8th then we hit the road straight through to the 21st. We play NYC again on April 9th for our record release show, so keep a look out for details.

The Living Room – 3.3.11

The Sunday Blues/Lived to Love Again/Montevideo/Nothing Left For Us to Find/Squeezebox [The Who]/The Terrible Truth/The Meaning of Life/A Long Way From Home/Folsom Prison Blues [Johnny Cash]/Insomnia Song/Broken Bottle Blues No.2/Encore Down N Out